Buy Weed Seeds Online: A Guide to the Best Strains and Prices

Imagine being able to pick ripe, juicy cannabis buds right from your backyard, grown from marijuana seeds you hand-selected online in a sale, without leaving the comfort of your home. This scenario is very much possible in certain areas of the U.S.A. where growing cannabis has been legalized. In a world where e-commerce has revolutionized every facet of our lives, why should procuring weed seeds be any different? Welcome to “Buy Weed Seeds Online: A Guide to the Best Strains and Prices”, your one-stop guide to navigating you through the vast array of online cannabis seed banks. Strap in and prepare for a green adventure as we hunt down the finest CBD seeds and other cannabis strains at unbeatable prices!


There are several reputable seed banks online where you, as a grower, can purchase high-quality cannabis seeds for growing plants at home. Some of the top product providers in the U.S. include Seeds Here Now,, Irie Genetics , Exotic Genetix and Humboldt Seed Company and finally Seed Junky Genetics. Choosing a legitimate and reputable seed bank that provides secure payment options and discreet packaging is important. Additionally, please check your local laws before purchasing or growing cannabis seeds as they may be illegal in some areas.


Understanding Cannabis Cultivation: Seeds vs Clones


When it comes to cultivating cannabis, there are two primary methods: growing from seeds or using clones. While both have benefits and drawbacks, choosing the best method can seem daunting. Here is a breakdown of the differences between seeding and cloning cannabis plants.


Cloning is a process where cuttings are taken from a “mother” plant and grown into new, genetically identical copies. This option involves selecting the best performing or desirable plants and replicating them over and over again. On the other hand, seed cultivation is just that – planting seeds to grow plants. With seeds, each plant will be unique with varying characteristics.


While cloning has its appeal in terms of consistency, all clones are susceptible to pests and disease because they share the same genetics as their mother plant. Conversely, each seed carries unique genetic traits and produces a plant that is more resistant to pests and diseases because of its diverse gene pool, which allows for greater adaptability to environmental changes and potentially higher yields.


However, clones can offer faster growth rates as they have already matured past the seedling stage before being transplanted. On the other hand, with seeds, there’s an opportunity to choose exactly what you want by selecting strains from reputable sources. Additionally, seed germination is relatively easy as most growers use feminized seeds that eliminate the need for sex identification.


Consider comparing the full meal deal at a fast-food restaurant with making dinner from scratch at home. The full meal deal may be consistent every time you order it, but it doesn’t always hit the spot like a homemade meal would. Similarly, clones may be uniform in every way but may not have as much flavor or potency as their seeded counterparts due to genetic pruning.


Now that we’ve explored some of the differences between cannabis seed and clone cultivation let’s dive into the benefits of growing from seed.


When it comes to growing cannabis, choosing between seeding or cloning can be difficult. While cloning offers consistency in genetics, seed cultivation produces unique plants that are more resistant to pests and diseases and potentially offer higher yields. However, clones can offer faster growth rates, while seeds allow for selecting specific strains. Ultimately, the choice depends on personal preference and goals for the end product.


Benefits of Growing from Seeds


Growing cannabis from weed seeds can seem daunting, but it has unique benefits that clones can’t offer, especially for growers keen to explore the many diverse products of the cannabis world. Here are the key advantages of growing cannabis plants from seeds.
Firstly, growing from seeds such as autoflower seeds guarantees genetic diversity which leads to healthier, more robust plants. With many unique strains on the market like thousands including gorilla glue, there is a strain to meet everyone’s specific requirements, such as potency, aroma, or flavor, which we explore in-depth in our English language blog replete with tips. Because each seed carries unique genetic traits, it produces a more resistant plant to pests and diseases. Its diverse gene pool allows for greater adaptability to environmental changes and potentially higher yields.


Moreover, while clones are seen as having faster growth rates than seedlings, this doesn’t mean that they are ultimately better. Seedlings have a robust taproot system that is more capable of digging deep into soil layers, providing access to an ample amount of water and other nutrients. Additionally, seed-grown plants tend to have bigger root systems that facilitate higher nutrient uptake for larger buds.


Another advantage is the fact that feminized seeds eliminate the need for sex identification in your grow room or tent. This means you don’t need to worry about identifying male plants and removing them before they pollinate female flowers – effectively ruining the entire crop if not caught early enough.


Think of seeded plants as unique ice cream flavors; you never know which one will be your new favorite until you try them all. With over 4,000+ strains available to choose from through some online providers like SeedsHereNow (which we’ll discuss in the next section), growers can experiment with different kinds of genetics until they find what works best for them.


Now that we’ve explored some of the key benefits of growing from pot seeds, be it thousands of different varieties, let’s take a look at the best sources for the best weed seeds on the market from the perspective of beginners, to advanced growers; there are strains out there for everyone.


When it comes to buying weed seeds online, there are countless options available. However, not all US seed banks are created equal, and it’s important to choose a reputable and reliable source for your cannabis cultivation needs. Among the vast array of seeds, varieties available, Gorilla Glue has emerged as a favorite for many growers. Here are some of the best online sources for weed seeds in English speaking countries:


Best Online Sources for Weed Seeds

1. Seeds Here Now

Seeds Here Now is a highly regarded seed bank that offers a broad selection of cannabis seeds. They are a broker for the top US cannabis breeders and have over 4,000 strains in their catalog. With 13 years in business and free seeds, they are hard to beat. Their seeds are skillfully bred and ensured to yield female plants, hence promising a top-quality harvest. Seeds Here Now carries a range of strains with varied characteristics, including plant height, yield, T.H.C., CBD concentration, and flavor. Detailed information and advice on each strain are provided, enabling customers to find their desired product easily.

2. Dominion Seed Company

Dominion Seed Company offers superior service and quality genetics at a reasonable price. Their expansive collection of cannabis seeds sourced from top breeders worldwide includes rare and exclusive strains.

3. Irie Genetics

Irie Genetics is a leading online seed bank known for high-quality cannabis seeds and a variety of strains to cater to diverse growers. They offer comprehensive cultivation resources on their website. Renowned for their customer service and discreet shipping, Irie Genetics is highly regarded in the cannabis cultivation community.

4. Exotic Genetix

Exotic Genetix is a reputable online seed bank with a diverse selection of high-quality cannabis seeds. They offer feminized, regular, seeds suitable for various cultivation environments. The company also provides growing guides and insights on their website. Known for excellent customer service and discreet shipping, Exotic Genetix caters to a wide array of cannabis growers’ needs, contributing to their strong standing in the industry.

5. Humboldt Seed Company

Humboldt Seed Company is a renowned seed bank offering high-quality, genetically diverse cannabis seeds suitable for both indoor and outdoor cultivation. They provide a wide range of strains, including high-THC and high-CBD varieties. The company offers cultivation guidance, excellent customer service, and discreet shipping, earning them a strong reputation in the cannabis cultivation community.

Bonus: Seed Junky Genetics

As an honorable mention, Seed Junky Genetics is a reputable online seed bank offering high-quality cannabis seeds. They provide a wide range of potent and high-yielding strains, suitable for various growers. In addition to seeds, they offer cultivation information to assist growers. Their commitment to customer satisfaction and discreet shipping contributes to their esteemed reputation in the cannabis community.


Remember, the best place to buy seeds for your cannabis plants online can vary depending on individual needs. Each seed bank has unique offerings and benefits, so thorough research to find the one that best suits your requirements is essential.


When comparing weed seed providers, consider several factors such as the variety of strains, quality of seeds, pricing, shipping options, customer service, and the company’s reputation in the cannabis community. These factors will help ensure that you’re making an informed choice, whether you’re seeking medicinal cannabis or recreational cannabis genetics.


Comparing Weed Seed Providers



Look for a seed bank like Seeds Here Now, known for their excellent customer service and a proven track record of delivering high-quality seeds curated from a myriad of cannabis genetics from countries all over the globe. Customer reviews and ratings can be helpful in determining a provider’s reputation.


Strain Selection

Ensure the seed bank offers a variety of strains that are well-suited for your specific growing environment and goals. Look for strains with desirable characteristics such as high yield, potency, and whether they can be made into your favorite edibles or blunts.


Germination Guarantee

Choose a seed bank that offers a germination guarantee to ensure your autoflower seeds will sprout successfully. Some providers offer complimentary replacement seeds if less than a certain percentage of your order germinates.



Compare prices across different seed banks as they may vary significantly by strain and quantity. Factors such as the state or country of origin and the unique cannabis genetics in each strain can influence price. Remember that quality should always trump price, so don’t sacrifice quality for affordability.


Shipping and Stealth Packaging

Ensure the seed bank provides discreet shipping options with secure packaging to avoid any potential legal issues or theft during transit. Options may include pot brownie packages or more traditional stealth packaging techniques.


By considering these factors when comparing weed seed providers, you’ll be able to make a more informed decision about where to buy your cannabis seeds online, be they for your indoor autoflower project or that little outdoors area you’ve been thinking about.


It’s also worth considering whether to purchase seeds from a local dispensary or grow shop versus buying online. While buying locally may provide greater convenience, the opportunity to ask in-person questions, and the ability to carefully examine each blunt before purchase, it often results in limited strain options and higher prices.


On the other hand, purchasing seeds online provides access to a wider selection of strains from top breeders around the world at competitive prices. Online providers also often offer helpful resources such as grow guides and forums to assist novice growers.


Ultimately, the choice between buying locally versus online depends on personal preference and needs. If you prefer in-person interaction and value supporting local businesses, buying locally may be the better option for you. However, if you prioritize variety and affordability, purchasing seeds online may be more advantageous.Now that we’ve covered how to compare weed seed providers, let’s move on to exploring some of the top cannabis strains available to buy online. Whether you’re a seasoned stoner looking for a new strain to smoke with your pipe or a dab enthusiast searching for the perfect high, we’ve got you covered.


When it comes to choosing the best cannabis strains to buy online, the options can seem overwhelming. From the roach of joint classics to new and potent hybrids, hundreds of varieties are available from various seed banks. Here are some top cannabis strains that you may want to consider when selecting seeds to purchase online.


One popular strain is Blue Dream. This hybrid strain is known for its balanced effects, which combine relaxation with gentle cerebral invigoration. Blue Dream has a sweet berry aroma and is often used for stress relief, anxiety reduction, and combating nausea. You might enjoy this strain rolled in a delicate joint or smoked in a pipe.


–  According to Statista, the global legal marijuana market size is expected to reach $66.3 billion by the end of 2025, implying a significant surge in demand for cannabis seeds.


–  The American Journal of Botany published a study indicating that the optimal germination rate for Cannabis sativa seeds peaks at around 93% under controlled conditions.


–  In an article by the National Institute on Drug Abuse, an increase in the potency of T.H.C. (the primary psychoactive ingredient in marijuana) in seized samples from 4% in 1995 to 12% in 2014 was reported, suggesting that growers are selectively breeding strains for higher THC content and consequently also searching for high-quality seeds.


Top Cannabis Strains to Buy Online


Another top strain is Sour Diesel. This sativa-dominant hybrid offers energizing and uplifting effects that can help increase focus and creativity. Sour Diesel has a distinct diesel-like aroma and flavor profile, and is often used for daytime use or as a pre-workout motivation boost. Try a dab of Sour Diesel for a smooth smoke experience.


For those looking for a more relaxing experience, Girl Scout Cookies (GSC) is a highly sought-after indica-dominant hybrid strain. GSC offers a euphoric high that can help relieve pain, depression, and anxiety while promoting restful sleep. Its sweet, earthy flavors make this strain a favorite to smoke among many stoners, whether they’re having a quiet evening in or passing a joint around with friends.


If you want a high-THC strain, consider Wedding Cake, or Permanent Marker, With T.H.C. levels reaching up to 25%, this potent indica-dominant hybrid provides powerful full-body effects that can ease physical tension and soothe the mind into deep relaxation. This strain is perfect for those well-acquainted dab users or anyone who loves to roll a potent roach of a joint. It has a sweet vanilla aroma and flavor profile.


These are just a few examples of the wide variety of cannabis strains available online. When deciding which strains to purchase, consider what type of effects you want (e.g., energy vs relaxation), what flavors you enjoy (e.g., fruity vs earthy), and what THC/CBD levels you prefer.


Now that we have discussed some popular cannabis strains to buy online, let’s take a closer look at their individual descriptions and characteristics – it can be very helpful when you’re deciding what strain to pack in your pipe or roll into your next joint.


When purchasing cannabis seeds online, it’s important to understand the unique characteristics of each strain you are considering. Here are some common descriptors and traits you may come across:


– THC/CBD levels: T.H.C. (tetrahydrocannabinol) and CBD (cannabidiol) are two of the most well-known cannabinoids found in cannabis plants. THC is known for its psychoactive effects, while CBD is non-psychoactive and often used for medicinal purposes. When selecting a strain, consider its THC/CBD content and how it may affect your desired smoke or dab experience.


Descriptions and Characteristics of Strains


Plant type: Cannabis plants can be either Sativa, Indica, or hybrid (a mix of both). Sativa strains tend to produce uplifting and energizing effects, while Indica strains offer relaxation and sedation. Hybrids can offer a combination of both effects.


Flavor profile: Cannabis strains can have a wide range of flavors including earthy, fruity, spicy, sweet, and more. Some strains even have distinct aroma profiles that make them easily recognizable, whether you’re using a dab rig, pipe or rolling a joint.


Plant type: Cannabis plants can be either Sativa, Indica, or hybrid (a mix of both). Sativa strains tend to produce uplifting and energizing effects, while Indica strains offer relaxation and sedation. Hybrids can offer a combination of both effects.


Flavor profile: Cannabis strains can have a wide range of flavors including earthy, fruity, spicy, sweet, and more. Some strains even have distinct aroma profiles that make them easily recognizable.


Growth characteristics: Different cannabis strains may vary in terms of height, yield, flowering time, climate preference, and other growing factors. Consider these traits when planning your grow setup.


By understanding these characteristics, you can make an informed decision about which cannabis strains to purchase online. Be sure to research each strain thoroughly before making a purchase to ensure it meets your specific needs and preferences.


Additionally, some people may argue that purchasing seeds online is risky due to the potential for fraud or scams. While it’s true that there are some disreputable seed banks out there, many reliable sources exist that offer high-quality seeds and discreet shipping. It’s important to do your research and only purchase from reputable seed banks with good customer reviews.


Buying cannabis seeds online is much like purchasing any other product or service online. Just as you would carefully consider the reputation and reviews of an online retailer before making a purchase, take the same approach when selecting a seed bank. Look for clear policies, verified payment methods, and responsive customer support to ensure a satisfactory experience.


Cost of Buying Weed Seeds Online


When it comes to buying weed seeds online, cost is always a major consideration. Prices can vary greatly depending on the strain, the seed bank, and the quantity purchased. However, it’s important to keep in mind that buying cheaper weed seeds doesn’t always mean better value in the long run.


For example, if you purchase a pack of 10 seeds for $30, but only two of those seeds actually germinate and grow into healthy plants, you’ve essentially wasted $28 on eight seeds that never had a chance. On the other hand, if you spend $50 on a pack of five high-quality feminized seeds from a reputable seed bank and all five successfully grow into robust plants with potent buds, that’s a better investment overall.


That being said, there are definitely some ways to save money when buying weed seeds online without sacrificing quality. One option is to purchase in bulk. Many seed banks offer discounts when you buy larger quantities of seeds. For instance, you might pay $10 per seed when purchasing only five seeds but only $5 per seed when purchasing 20 or more.


Another way to save money when buying weed seeds online is to choose auto-flowering strains. These strains grow faster and flower earlier than traditional photoperiod strains. This means you can harvest your crop sooner and potentially get a higher yield per year by growing multiple auto-flowering crops in one season.


Think of it like comparing two different apple trees—a dwarf tree that produces apples every year versus a standard tree that only produces apples every other year. While the standard tree might produce more fruit overall during its productive years, the dwarf tree will give you much more consistent output and quicker turnaround time.


Some growers also opt for regular seeds instead of feminized because they are typically less expensive, but this can be a bit of a gamble. Regular seeds produce both male and female plants, so you’ll have to monitor and cull the males to prevent them from fertilizing your females. This requires more work and attention than growing feminized seeds, so it might not be the most cost-effective option in the long run.


Ultimately, the cost of buying weed seeds online comes down to finding a balance between seed quality, quantity, and price. It’s important to do your research, read reviews, and shop around to find the best deals and most trustworthy seed banks.


Price Comparison: Strains vs Quantity.


When shopping for weed seeds online, it can be tough to know what constitutes a good deal. One way to evaluate pricing is to compare the cost per seed across different strains and quantities.


For example, let’s say you’re considering two different strains from the same seed bank: Blue Dream and Green Crack. Both are popular sativa-dominant hybrids with similar characteristics in terms of height, yield, and flowering time. Blue Dream is priced at $12 per seed for a pack of five while Green Crack is $15 per seed for a pack of five. On the surface, it looks like Blue Dream is the more affordable option—but if you compare prices by pack size instead of individual seed price, you’ll see that Green Crack is actually the better value overall.


For instance, if you purchase 20 seeds of Blue Dream for $50 (which works out to $2.50 per seed), you’ll pay a total of $60 for 25 seeds. In contrast, if you purchase 20 seeds of Green Crack for $75 ($3.75 per seed), you’ll pay a total of $90 for 25 seeds. While each individual Green Crack seed costs more than each individual Blue Dream seed, buying in larger quantities ends up being more cost-effective for Green Crack.


Of course, price isn’t the only factor to consider when choosing which strains to buy online. You’ll also want to evaluate THC and CBD potency, flavor profile, and growing difficulty. Some strains may be priced higher due to their rarity or popularity, while others may be more affordable because they are easier to grow or less well-known.


Choosing between different weed strains can be kind of like deciding what kind of car to buy. Just like a car can have different features and performance characteristics that affect its price (such as engine size, gas mileage, and safety ratings), cannabis strains have different qualities that impact their value. Sometimes paying a bit extra for a high-quality strain is worth it if it delivers the experience you’re looking for.


However, it’s important not to get too caught up in brand names or hype when evaluating strain prices. Just because a certain strain is trendy or sought-after doesn’t necessarily mean it’s worth the extra cost. On the other hand, cheaper seeds aren’t always a better deal if they don’t produce healthy plants or potent buds.


Ultimately, finding the best prices on weed seeds online requires some careful research and consideration. By comparing prices per seed across different strains and pack sizes, evaluating quality factors beyond just price, and shopping around at reputable seed banks, you can find the best possible deals on cannabis seeds that fit your budget and growing goals.

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